Is America the Greatest Country? A Response to “The Newsroom” Rant

June 28, 2015
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Is America the Greatest Country? A Response to “The Newsroom” Rant

America is Starting to Look in the Mirror

Recently, I came across this clip about America as it strolled across my Facebook news feed and I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t seen this clip before! I feel like I live under a rock, because I have never even seen the show before, but considering that it is coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video in July, that is probably going to change quite soon. I have recently become a big fan of realistic TV shows based on America, its politics, and its culture.

So, apparently the setting is Jeff Daniels playing the part of Lead News Anchor, Will McAvoy, during an interview at some school. He snaps for a moment and breaks away from the cookie cutter responses we have come to expect from people in those types of positions. The result was rather entertaining, as well as eye opening.


After watching, here’s what I have to say:

It might be debatable, if not true, that America doesn’t hold the title anymore as the greatest country in the world, but that being said…

We can take it back!

Unfortunately, it would require America waking up and taking some responsibility. Not just blaming other people in power, but for our own actions and more importantly, inaction. Many of the American people like to blame the 1%, yet the 1% only have as much power as the other 99% give them. What can you do for your country? What can you do for your fellow man? Do you think you’re really moral or making a difference because you drop some spare change in the tray at church? Grow up, get educated, and try to improve the lives of the people you are connected to, even in the littlest way, not just use them. It takes some initiative to make a difference.


The Newsroom Rant - America is Not the Greatest Country in the World Anymore - A Response from


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