Idiot Driver Changing Lanes Causes Horrible Car Accident

June 3, 2015
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Idiot Driver Changing Lanes Causes Horrible Car Accident

Is a Short Delay Worth Risking a Car Accident?

I see a car accident like this almost happen almost every day on the highways of Dallas-Ft. Worth and I wonder if people even realize how close they come to dying over something so trivial.

Seriously people, if you are about to miss your exit and you’re multiple lanes away, JUST TAKE THE NEXT EXIT!

The avoiding of a 5-10 minute detour is not worth endangering your life, your passenger, and everyone else around you who is just minding their own business.

Even if you decide that your life isn’t worth it, don’t do it! It isn’t fair to make everyone else late to work, because your dumbass decided to take up three lanes of traffic with your lowered Honda Civic that now resembles a crushed tin can.

Not to mention what actually made me mad enough to comment on this in the first place. If you were paying close attention after the moment of the car accident, you probably saw baby stuff spread out over the highway. That means that someone who takes responsibility for a child, probably a parent, made the decision that risk factor was acceptable. They decided that when driving down a busy highway in a metal death trap, that making an exit was worth more than the lives of their passengers.

Use your brain people, don’t stupid and drive!

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